we will be adding some new products soon....

April 01, 2015 Sales Team

Beaded necklaces and new rings are just around the corner! Also look for our new line of key rings, some of you have already got to see them up close.... who doesn't need a tape measure?

We just revamped the web site!

April 01, 2015 Sales Team

We have been planning on this for some time now. A whole new look for our online shop... come by and take a look!

10% off

January 18, 2015 Sales Team

We made an offer a long time ago, to give a 10% discount to the first online purchase. Here is the deal... We would like to see how well this online shop's eCommerce part works... so for a limited time... (end of February) 10% off and free shipping.. .


January 14, 2015 Sales Team

Thank you Pinterest for creating some new traffic for our site! Go have a look at our new model Ashley Ryan rocking some Rocks and Foundry...

Fremont Sunday Market

July 14, 2014 Sales Team

Thanks to everyone who came out to the sunday market! Great show... we featured some new designs at this show and they were a great success! a new line of rings in sterling, bronze and shibuichi. Some with diamonds some without... The new wire wrapped bracelets were a hit too... thanks again to all who came by to visit!