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Bronze Tape Measure Keychain

Bronze Tape Measure Keychain

Perfect for the hard to please who either has everything or needs nothing!

The case & components are cast of Brass, the ring itself is steel & the face is a Sterling silver reproduction of  St, Benadict's cross or a Vintage Imperial German Eagle. The tape measure is a standard 3' steel tape measure that measures both inches & millimeters.  The 5mm red, Italian braided leather is very sturdy & of good pliable quality. The idea of the length of the leather is so it sits nicely in the palm of your hand while you pull the tape measure out. Also, the leather bends nicely so the keys sit inside the jeans pocket & the tape measure dangles outside the pocket. A very functional, well crafted, yet very beautiful design.

* Case is 1 3/8" (32mm) wide x 11mm Deep
* The split steel key ring is also 32mm.
* The overall length of this keychain is approximately 6".